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Alpaca Wool Cushion Pet Bed

Manufacturer: Penrose
Product Code: AWPB
Price: £57.00
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Penrose Products offer a range of luxuriously soft alpaca pet beds, which are all lovingly handmade in Nottinghamshire. When asked how a pet bed made from alpaca wool is different from all the other pet beds, we explain it is like no other. Alpaca wool offers your pet the perfect balance between support and comfort. We fill the beds with only 100% alpaca fibre that has been processed in the UK, and it is this that works with your pet’s internal thermostat to keep them at a comfortable temperature.

At Penrose we love our animals and we believe that they should have the same sleep quality as we do. For this reason, we have developed our range of luxury 100% filled alpaca pet beds, available in various formats, from cushion pad pet beds to ones with tall box shaped sides. Treat your pet, knowing you’ve purchased a pet bed made to the highest of standards, created specifically to keep your pet comfortable and give them the best nights sleep possible. Choose from various sizes and customise each pet bed by choosing the top and base covers.

Made with love and personalised, you can also tailer this alpaca wool filled pet bed with personalisation. We can personalise the top cover of this pet bed with your pets name or an embroidered message of your choice, like in the photos above. If you wish to take up this offer and have your pet bed personalised, then please state this in the comments box on your order form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements. Choose from different fonts, stitching colours and sizing, creating the perfect bed for your cherished pet.

VegSoc Approved

VegSoc Approved

This Alpaca Wool Cushion Pet Bed by Penrose Products is Vegetarian Society approved. No animals are harmed in the making of any of our alpaca wool products. Alpacas are not killed for their fur or meat and they are not at all harmed come shearing time. The wool is collected only once a year, and is easier to collect than that of a sheep. Great care is taken so as not to distress the animal or damage the fleece. The Vegetarian Society seeding symbol is the only legally registered trademark for vegetarian accreditation. No other vegetarian trademark can give consumers such reassurance and inspire such trust.

100% alpaca wool filling for perfect temperature control
This Alpaca Wool Cushion Pet Bed is VegSoc approved
Unique stitching allows greater airflow
Chemical free and completely natural
Alpaca wool fibre is naturally anti-allergenic
All season bedding suitable for use all year round
Due to the natural nature of our bedding, it is dry clean only

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These sizes apply to all alpaca wool pet beds, waxed cotten outers and wooden pet bed stands. Sizes given are approximate and intended as a guideline only. Please contact us to double check if the sizing is critical. We custom manufacture every pet bed, so can create it to your exact specifications.

Pet Bed Sizes

Small Ped Bed:
Medium Ped Bed:
Large Ped Bed:
XL Ped Bed:
XXL Ped Bed:

50cm x 64cm (20” x 25”)
64cm x 83cm (25” x 33”)
83cm x 101cm (33” x 40”)
101cm x 140cm (40” x 55”)
140cm x 177cm (55” x 70”)

Wooden Stand Sizes

Small Stand:
Medium Stand:
Large Stand:
XL Stand:
XXL Stand:

50cm x 64cm (20” x 25”)
64cm x 83cm (25” x 33”)
83cm x 101cm (33” x 40”)
101cm x 140cm (40” x 55”)
140cm x 177cm (55” x 70”)