Botanical Health & Beauty Gowns

Penrose are proud to introduce our new range of botanical health and beauty gowns. Hand crafted using an anti-bacterial fabric made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, our gowns are reusable and machine washable, ideal for hairdressers, therapists and beauty salons. They feature an outer polyester layer tested against 10% peroxide with no discolouration, protecting the wearer from bleach and chemicals. Dual action, this outer layer works in tandem with our natural inner layer to provide anti-bacterial protection and the ultimate in comfort. Currently available in white or black, each gown can be fully personalised with an embroidered name, or even your company logo.

Our gowns are pashmina style with a button collar, with several holes allowing for neck adjustment. The inner layer is not only breathable and waterproof, but completely natural, and is a fabric we have used for a long time in the manufacture of our botanical bedding protectors, with thousands used by our customers on their beds worldwide. Independently tested for bacterial filtration efficiency, this fabric unites cosmetic properties, freshness, thermoregulation, moisure absorption, stretchability and breathability. It even contains the essential trace element zinc oxide, supporting the natural processes of our bodies, cell regeneration and skin renewal.

Natural Botanical Health and Beauty Gown

The materials used in our gowns are unique and unlike any other you will find on the market, specifically developed to deliver you and your business an ethical and sustainable solution of the highest quality. Tried and tested with hundreds already supplied nationwide, the core layer of our gowns are made from natural cellulose fibre from sustainable forest plantations. These fibres are exceptionally pure and are not burdened with pesticides or other agricultural chemicals. Completely biobased, this fabric has been tested to Oeko-tex Standard 100, achieving a class one product category, meeting the human-ecological requirements presently established for baby items. Smooth and naturally hypoallergenic, our gowns are extremely pleasant on the skin and highly recommended for those with skin conditions or sensitive skin.

Reusable and machine washable up to 90 degrees, you can also steam clean our gowns for convenience and practicality. Each gown comes with its own waterproof carry bag, made from the same fabric as the gown itself. Simply wear, store, then clean or wash. Other matching products are available including cutting collars and aprons, which again can be personalised with your name or business branding. Find out more in our botanical health and beauty section and contact us today for bulk ordering options and delivery timescales.

In other news, we will soon be launching a new range of bedding products specifically developed for vegans. These pillows and toppers will be handcrafted from plant and man-made materials, blending a mixture of sustainable natural fibres from ethical sources, including those extracted from eucalyptus leaves, kapok trees, banana, cotton and pineapple plants. These fibres will be blended in finely balanced amounts to create the best possible sleep experience. With our new range, we aim to prove that vegan bedding can be affordable and durable, providing a high level of luxury whilst still honouring animals, humans and the planet around us. Please check back soon to find out more and follow us on social media for all our latest news and product updates.

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