Luxury Alpaca Pet Beds

Penrose Products are proud to launch a new range of luxury wool pet beds, especially made for your beloved pet. We love our animals and believe that they should have the same sleep quality as we do. For this reason, we have developed our range of luxury 100% filled alpaca pet beds, available in various sizes and types, from cushion pad pet beds to beds with tall box shaped sides. Treat your pet, knowing you’ve purchased a pet bed made to the highest of standards, created specifically to keep them comfortable and give the best nights sleep possible.

Luxury Wool Pet Beds

Our luxury pet beds are all bespoke manufactured and lovingly handmade in Nottinghamshire. When asked how a pet bed made from alpaca wool is different, we explain it is like no other. Alpaca wool offers your pet the perfect balance between support and comfort. We fill them with pure alpaca fibre that has been processed in the UK, and it is this that works with your pet’s internal thermostat to keep them at a comfortable temperature. You can customise each of our pet beds to your exact requirements, choosing from various sizes, top and base cover colours and even adding personalisation. Find out more about this exciting new range in our Penrose pets product section.

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