Bespoke Bedding

The BEdding Tailor

Whilst we offer the option to customise our full range of products, for those looking for a truly tailor made experience we’ve got just the thing. Bedrooms are arguably the most important rooms in the house. It’s where we all start and end the day so it makes perfects sense that people should be able to design a bed to perfectly serve their needs which is why The Bedding Tailor, our unique and bespoke sleep design service was born.

The Bedding Tailor specialises in helping clients achieve beautifully crafted sleep experiences, believing that quality sleep begins with an expertly made environment, tailored to the individual. All products are made to measure, to the clients exact specifications. From the bed, mattress and mattress topper, right through to the sheets, duvet and pillows, every luxurious fibre is handmade and delivered directly to your door. To learn more about The Bedding Tailor or to make an appointment, please visit our bespoke bedding website at the link below.

The Bedding Tailor