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Endorsed by lifestyle experts, medical practitioners and celebrities alike, we are proud of our unique natural bedding. Made with love and attention to detail, we are passionate about sleep and really do care, with thousands of happy customers worldwide through our direct and partner networks. Good sleep keeps us well, but don’t just take our word for it...

Our Testimonials


Our Penrose Products alpaca wool bedding is lovely. You can see and feel the quality in the products and it's so comforting to snuggle up at night on luxury bedding which you can be assured is chemical and dye free, plus also kind to animals and the environment too. Sustainability produced in the UK and luxurious, I love supporting our Positive Luxury brands.


For my test I’ll be using the alpaca wool duvet and two pillows from Penrose Products. Penrose are endorsed by the Vegetarian Society so I know no cute alpacas were harmed in their production, plus they’re a small family company, the kind I love to support. I am so pleased to report the temperature issue has virtually resolved itself and this has been life-changing, thanks to my bedding makeover and the addition of an alpaca wool duvet from Penrose Products. I’m sleeping with no sweats or temperature issues at all and now only wish I’d believed all the hype about the difference breathable bedding makes and made a change before now. I would recommend an alpaca duvet and pillows to anyone who has issues with temperature and sleep.


Just in time for the heatwave, we received a luxury alpaca wool duvet from Penrose Products. This one was cot size, so Harriet had the privilege of trying it out. The duvets are beautifully made and finished to a a high standard. They feel light, important in hot weather, but in fact provide a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. This is particularly important for infants and young children who may overheat during the night. Harriet, aged three, is great at sleeping through, but often gets extremely hot and wakes with damp hair. She loved trying out the alpaca wool duvet and even during the hottest nights we've had this year slept soundly and didn't get overheated. I will definitely consider buying a luxury alpaca duvet for myself!


Although much of my work focuses on helping people get better sleep, I do have some experience of poor sleep occasionally, as does my wife. I have often suffered from extreme heat at night, frequently waking feeling very hot. Often I wake to find my bed sheets wringing wet. Independently, my wife is now approaching menopause and often has sudden hot flushes. Between us, it is not uncommon for us to experience poor sleep as a result. Until recently, we both had two pillows with synthetic fibre fillings. I had not previously considered natural fillings, as I suffer from a number of animal allergies. Over the past few months, my wife and I tried one alpaca pillow each. I was immediately impressed at the comfort and support provided by this single pillow. To my surprise, I also did not experience any allergic reaction to the alpaca hairs in the pillow. Quite soon, my wife and I noticed that we were sleeping a lot more soundly. I personally experienced no further outbreaks of night sweats, and my wife reported feeling much cooler at night. This continued for many weeks and through the hot spell during early July. I can recommend these pillows unreservedly as an established sleep expert.


I am one of those people who really need their sleep. Without enough of it, not only do I look a little weary, I have also been known to get a little grumpy. Cue my knight in shining armour, Penrose Products. The products I had delivered included an organic alpaca mattress topper, a duvet plus two pillows and my first impressions were absolutely wonderful. My hot spot, cold spot, slightly lumpy bed has been transformed into an uber-sleep dream-machine that I have since been struggling to get out of! I have been utterly thrilled with Penrose Products alpaca wool bedding range. In my opinion they are outstanding quality products which exceed delivery on every level. From their comfort, craftsmanship, eco-credentials and customer service, I have experienced nothing but a higher than usual experience. Needless to say, I will be enthusiastically recommending these products to everyone I meet.


As an asthmatic and being highly allergic to feathers, I have found the wool bedding from Penrose Products to be a true breath of fresh air! Even after a few nights of sleeping on the mattress protector, under the duvet and with the pillows, I noticed that I woke less frequently (I am a very light sleeper) and that my head and chest were clearer in the mornings. Having used the bedding now for several months, I can feel the difference from regular non-feathered bedding and the fact the fibres seem to breathe at night, which has kept me cool during the warmer nights and much warmer when the temperature drops. The quality of the stitching and dispersal of the fibres means the contents do not shift and the pillows remain plump throughout the night. I am delighted to have been introduced to this product and sincerely recommend it.


Having a good night’s sleep is so important for babies, children and families and I have been delighted with our wonderful alpaca wool pillows and duvet bedding set from Penrose Products. My daughter constantly woke up in the morning sneezing but that has all stopped since changing over her bed linen. I can’t recommend highly enough the wonderful night’s sleep we all now enjoy thanks to the high quality bedding of Penrose Products. Thanks Paul.

The change in sleep comfort was immediate. Every morning I wake up and really notice just how still, rested and comfortably warm I have been but not hot. I would never want to be without it and would highly recommend these alpaca wool duvets to anyone without hesitation. A quality for money product that is a very worthwhile investment in a good night's sleep.

Penrose Products wool bedding is all sustainably sourced and very, very comfortable. Having tried these gorgeous alpaca wool pillows for ourselves we can honestly say, wow! They really do provide a superb night’s sleep. They feel quite weighty but as soon as your head touches base, you’re away. Definitely no more counting sheep, or alpacas in this case!

Just received my alpaca wool bedding set, beautifully packed in a recyclable, handy box. If the product is as good as your customer service and description, I can look forward to a good night's sleep!

Amazing wool bedding products. Made such a difference in terms of utter comfort and my little girls coughing has gone apart from when she has a cold. Very impressed with these products and thank you.

I am very impressed with the feel of the duvet and pillows and I was warm and comfy all night. Plus, for the first time in months, I woke this morning without the usual stuffy, congested nose! Very happy customer. I highly recommend these to any allergy sufferers.

My alpaca duvet and pillows arrived yesterday and I have to say I had a brilliant nights sleep being well supported by the pillow and just right under the duvet, so far really pleased with the products. Brilliant service thank you.