Our Bedding Testimonials

Endorsed by lifestyle experts, medical practitioners and celebrities alike, we are proud of our unique natural bedding. Made with love and attention to detail, we are passionate about sleep and really do care, with thousands of happy customers worldwide through our direct and partner networks. Good sleep keeps us well, but don’t just take our word for it...

What Our Customers Say

Storm Keating Testimonial

Our Penrose Products alpaca wool bedding is lovely. You can see and feel the quality in the products and it's so comforting to snuggle up at night on luxury bedding which you can be assured is chemical and dye free, plus also kind to animals and the environment too. Sustainability produced in the UK and luxurious, I love supporting our Positive Luxury brands.


For my test I’ll be using the alpaca wool duvet and two pillows from Penrose Products. Penrose are endorsed by the Vegetarian Society so I know no cute alpacas were harmed in their production, plus they’re a small family company, the kind I love to support. I am so pleased to report the temperature issue has virtually resolved itself and this has been life-changing, thanks to my bedding makeover and the addition of an alpaca wool duvet from Penrose Products. I’m sleeping with no sweats or temperature issues at all and now only wish I’d believed all the hype about the difference breathable bedding makes and made a change before now. I would recommend an alpaca duvet and pillows to anyone who has issues with temperature and sleep.