Benefits of Alpaca

Recommended by lifestyle experts, medical practitioners and celebrities alike, we are truly passionate about our bedding and the benefits. Good sleep keeps us well and allows our bodies to recuperate so when we set about finding the perfect fibre to create the most beneficial bedding to sleep health alpaca wool was the resounding winner.

Why Alpaca Wool?

There are multiple benefits to choosing natural fibre bedding. Alpaca is one of the softest premium fibres used in high-end bedding manufacture and is much softer than sheep's wool. Widely considered the most luxurious filling, it is fast becoming the must have natural fibre solution! But there's much more to this incredible fibre and so many reason to choose alpaca wool. Here are some of our favourites...

Why Alpaca Wool?

Our alpaca wool bedding is handmade in Nottinghamshire, using traditional manufacturing techniques, and made entirely from materials sourced in the UK. We help to support this new formation of rural fibre industries. This strategy also eliminates any air miles generated in the export of alpaca fibre from ranches abroad, making our alpaca wool products an all-round eco-friendly venture. With little impact on the environment, in both production and the keep of the animals, the lasting costs of producing alpaca products are low, and it is a good transition from a working farm into a more relaxed environment.

The economic value of the alpaca is evident in the end product. Alpaca duvets eliminate the need for seasonal bedding, our all season duvets will serve you throughout the year and dramatically decrease the need for sleep aids, reducing the all-round cost of a comfortable night’s sleep. Discover our range of Alpaca bedding products, or get in touch for more information!

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