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Our new linen collection is a range of naturally soft bed linens specifically designed and crafted to complement the properties of our natural pillows, duvets and toppers. All of our linens are made from ethical cotton, a soft, absorbent and breathable natural fibre that is non-allergenic and contains no chemicals, providing you luxury sleep, sustainably.

Portland Organic Cotton Percale Flat Sheet

Manufacturer: Penrose
Product Code: POC-FLS
Price: £40.00
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Our Portland luxury organic cotton flat sheets have been specifically designed and crafted to work hand-in-hand with the properties of our alpaca wool mattress toppers. The fabrics chosen for our linen are extremely important to our values, providing a high quality product that embraces natural resources, whilst still being affordable and environmentally friendly. The organic cotton in this sheet will allow our alpaca wool toppers to breathe, working with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature at night.

These Portland flat sheets are made from organic cotton percale with a 200 thread count, a lovely smooth fabric that is very easy to care for. They are woven to a 125gsm fabric weight, are suitable for industrial laundries and are machine washable up to 60 degrees. White in colour, these sheets are available to fit most bed sizes, with custom sizes available on request. We also offer these sheets as a fitted sheet too, which you can see in the related products below.

VegSoc Approved

VegSoc Approved

This Portland Organic Cotton Percale Flat Sheet from Penrose Products is Vegetarian Society approved. No animals are harmed in the making of any of our linen bedding products. Cotton is a soft, absorbent and breathable natural fibre, making it perfect for clothing, bedding, or any material that rests close to the skin. It is non-allergenic, and unlike synthetic fibres, is a natural product that contains no chemicals. Due to its unique fibre structure, cotton breathes better and is more comfortable than oil-based synthetic fabrics, working hand-in-hand with our wool bedding ranges. The Vegetarian Society seeding symbol is the only legally registered trademark for vegetarian accreditation. No other vegetarian trademark can give consumers such reassurance and inspire such trust.

Made from organic cotton percale for the highest quality bed linen
A lovely smooth flannelette fabric with a 200 thread count
Compliments the properties of our alpaca wool bedding
Fully machine washable and tumble dryable up to 60 degrees
White and customisable with stitched colour border
Suitable for home, commercial and hotel use
This linen has a fabric weight of 125gsm

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290cm x 230cm (114" x 90.5")
260cm x 225cm (102” x 88”)
225cm x 220cm (88” x 86”)
200cm x 200cm (78” x 78”)
136cm x 200cm (53” x 78”)
120cm x 90cm (47” x 35”)

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89cm x 46cm (35” x 18”)
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215cm x 215cm (84" x 84")
200cm x 200cm (78" x 78")
177cm x 205cm (69” x 80”)
154cm x 205cm (60” x 80”)
141cm x 192cm (55” x 75”)
95cm x 192cm (37” x 75”)
77cm x 141cm (30” x 55”)
64cm x 120cm (25” x 47”)