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The Chelsea Bolster

Manufacturer: Penrose
Product Code: THTBBB
Price: £85.00

The Chelsea Bolster Introduction

Our Made to Order Bolsters are the perfect accessory for beds and sofas. Covered in a 100% recycled velvet and filled with our 100% biodegradable Blowdown filling, they are the perfect example of sustainable luxury.
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Handmade in the UK our Chelsea Bolsters are made entirely from 100% recycled plastic. Transformed into a luxuriously soft velvet, we finish all of our bolsters with piping.

Filled with our Luxury Biodown 100% biodegradable down like filling, it's as earth friendly as it is stylish! Our new Luxury Bio Down range is made using pioneering technology that optimises the fibre with a simple sugar enzyme that makes it easier for microbes to digest it, meaning our pillows return to nature in the environments where the vast majority of plastics eventually find themselves: landfills and ocean water.

Launched as part of an exciting bespoke project for Chelsea of The House That Black Built, our bolsters are all made to order and are available in a range of colours and sizes depending on your requirements.

The Original Chelsea is made from our stunning Black Ebony Velvet and measures 100cm long by 24cm. Other colurs are available, please include the your chosen colour in the Notes section at checkout. Alternatively, if you can't see a colour you'd like or if you need a different size, please email : [email protected] to discuss bespoke orders.

Please note, our Chelsea Bolsters are all Made to Order and therefore there is a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Sizes for all items given are approximate and intended as a guideline only.

Duvet Sizes

Emperor Duvet:
Superking Duvet:
Kingsize Duvet:
Double Duvet:
Single Duvet:
Cot Duvet:

285cm x 230cm (112" x 90.5")
260cm x 220cm (102” x 86.5”)
225cm x 220cm (88” x 86.5”)
200cm x 200cm (78” x 78”)
136cm x 200cm (53” x 78”)
90cm x 120cm (35” x 47”)

Pillow Sizes

Kingsize Pillow:
Normal Pillow:
Square Pillow:

89cm x 46cm (35” x 18”)
72cm x 46cm (28” x 18”)
65cm x 65cm (25.5” x 25.5”)

Mattress Topper Sizes

Emperor Mattress Topper:
Queen Mattress Topper:
Superking Mattress Topper:
Kingsize Mattress Topper:
Double Mattress Topper:
Single Mattress Topper:
Starter Bed Mattress Topper:
Cot Mattress Topper:

215cm x 215cm (84" x 84")
200cm x 200cm (78" x 78")
182cm x 200cm (72” x 79”)
153cm x 200cm (60” x 79”)
135cm x 190cm (53” x 75”)
90cm x 190cm (35” x 75”)
77cm x 141cm (30” x 55”)
64cm x 120cm (25” x 47”)