About Fibre Refresh

Penrose have now been manufacturing natural fibre bedding for over 3 years, and in this time we have been canvassing our customers with regards to the care and maintenance of our products. The conclusion we came to, was that although you can dry clean our bedding products, what we could not guarantee was the control within each independent dry cleaners.

Fibre Refresh

We have therefore taken on the challenge of creating our own natural fibre bedding care solution, Fibre Refresh, which caters for all of our bedding including pillows, duvets and mattress toppers. This newly launched service guarantees that when you receive your products back, it will be as good the day you purchased it! So, if you spill a glass of wine, your pet has an accident or you simply want to refresh your bedding, we will take care of that for you.

Fibre Refresh is a completely environmentally friendly process, and we do not use any detergents or chemicals to clean your bedding. Tetrachloroethene (perchloroethylene) is generally used in the dry cleaning process, which contains chlorine and leaves a sweet odour detectable by most people.

Our Fibre Refresh service is completely natural and nothing goes to waste. We even offset the fuel emissions via our carbon neutral programme. This programme is a recycle and remanufacture process, and it is the only process of refreshing your bedding to give a 100% guarantee that your bedding will be as good as the day you first purchased it. This programme is our step in working towards a strategy of a circular economy process.

This service is only available to Penrose Products customers and other licensed collaborative own label customers, where contracted. As a leading manufacturer of natural fibre bedding, Fibre Refresh is the only process we would recommend for cleaning your bedding, and one that only a British manufacturer could deliver. Find out more about the service, the process and details of how to order in the other pages of this section. Please note that this service is only available to customers in the United Kingdom.

Refresh Process