Refresh Process

Fibre Refresh is a completely environmentally friendly process, our step in working towards a strategy of a circular economy process. We do not use any detergents or chemicals to clean your bedding. Chemicals are generally used in the dry cleaning process. Our Fibre Refresh service is completely natural and nothing goes to waste.

Fibre Refresh Process

Fibre Refresh

Our Fibre Refresh service is available to order online or by contacting us direct. The service caters for all of our bedding products including pillows, duvets and mattress toppers. Once ordered, we will arrange a convenient day with you to collect your bedding and arrange the date with a courier. When your bedding is received by us, for duvets and toppers, we will remove the fabric and recycle it into our solid fuel heating system, recycle the fibre through scouring, and blend it back with virgin fibre. For pillows, we remove the fibre from the pillow case, recycle the fibre through the same process as our duvets and toppers, and then refill into a new pillow case.

We will then remanufacture your bedding and check the items for quality, to the same standards as a freshly purchased product. Our quality control procedures guarantee that when you receive your bedding back, it will be as good the day you purchased it! We will then arrange to have your bedding despatched back to you within 3 days, to either your home, or to your nearest post office for collection at your convenience. From collection to return, our Fibre Refresh service is a totally hassle free process!

Pricing for our Fibre Refresh service depends on the fibre used in your bedding and the fabric type, natural or organic. The difference in cost is due to the variance in the replacement costs of these items during remanufacturing. To find out more about this service, visit our Fibre Refresh page and buy online today by visiting our ordering pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help. Please note that this service is only available to customers in the UK.

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