Holiday Pillow Protectors

We all look forward to our holidays and those weekend breaks. Last year and a worldwide pandemic saw many miss out on a holiday away from home. 2021 may, for many, become an opportunity to go away once again. With the vaccination programme well underway in the UK, as we write this, holidays should become possible once again. You and I, though, may still worry about catching Covid and passing it on to others. Staying in hotels, B&B's and self-catering accommodation means coming into contact with people; though, we can still live by the principles of face, space, hands. However, the question that many ask is, who's been sleeping on the pillow? Hoteliers can wash bedding, change it for each guest, but the stuffing in the pillow will not have been. Viruses are transmitted through the nose, eyes or mouth, all of which come into contact with a pillow.

Is there anything you can do to protect yourself? Of course, you could take your pillows on holiday, but these are bulky and will use up your luggage quota or space in the car. A Penrose, Dermofresh Tencel Pillow Protector is the answer. The protector is no ordinary pillowcase. It has some remarkable properties which we would like to tell you about, and you will see why taking one on holiday for each traveller will make perfect sense.

The fabric contains zinc oxide, a natural antibacterial agent often used in medical products. In addition to this, the fabric is tested with a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.9%, equivalent to N95 type 3 and FFP3 PPE masks. All very reassuring when your head is on the pillow and breathing through the protector. You may wonder, with all that protection will it affect my ability to breathe? No, our pillow protectors are 100% breathable, waterproof and anti-allergenic. You can use our protectors time and time again, they are machine washable up to 90 degrees and can also be tumble dried.

Pillow Protectors for Virus

A Dermofresh Tencel Pillow Protector will only take up the space of a t-shirt in your luggage, leaving room for plenty of essential items for your stay away. I hope you will enjoy your holiday, and if you spend time outside, the zinc oxide protector helps your skin regenerate as you sleep. Maybe the saying about getting your beauty sleep will be true for you, but we can't guarantee miracles!

Here at Penrose Products, we have built a reputation for producing quality bedding, and we are well-known for using alpaca wool in our duvets. Our pillow protectors are manufactured to the same high standards and thoroughly tested. They are created are bespoke to every order and made by our team of dedicated and experienced Penrose machinists. Tencel is an incredible material and is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, one that is sustainable and 100% naturally sourced. This unique fabric is woven from the pulp of eucalyptus trees in a world-leading encapsulated process.

The technical specifications are available to you to read along with the test report here. The protectors come in two fabrics, a jersey type and a more luxurious quilted version. Available in standard, king or square sizes, they are ideal for home as well as travel. Prices start from just £10.99 with free UK delivery; a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind with the added health protection they offer. Please click the link to order, and note, we also supply in kingsize and square sizes.

Please, stay safe and take with you your pillow protector from Penrose. Don't forget that the protector will be an ideal item to take when we can stay with family and friends. They will thank you as it will be less bedding to wash! Thank you for reading this blog post and for being a loyal Penrose customer. You are very important to us.

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