Save Money this Winter

As we wave goodbye to the summer months and the record breaking high temperatures, we know lots of people will be beginning to think about winter and this year more than ever, how to keep warm economically, due to the increasing cost of living and energy crisis. With the cost of energy spiralling people are rightly considering how to save money, from batch cooking to reduce energy usage in the kitchen and swapping out high usage appliances for more efficient alternatives to simply preparing to wear more layers. But what can you do to keep warm at night?

With popular advice to turn your thermostat down by one degree to save 10% on your energy costs gaining momentum, you might be wondering how you can make up the difference?

One duvet to rule them all

Our alpaca wool duvets are excellent at keeping you warm thanks to the natural properties of alpaca fibre and its ability to regulate body temperature. Alpacas are native to the hills of South America and their coat has to account for both heat retention in colder times but also be incredibly thermally efficient in warmer temperatures. Unlike sheep wool where the fibres only contain pockets of air, Alpaca fibres are hollow, which allows them to trap in more heat. It’s because of this, Alpaca fleece tends to be 5 times warmer than Sheep wool, without feeling heavy. Come the summer, the same hollow fibres that work so well to trap the heat, are also excellent at wicking away moisture, so even on those warmer nights you can still remain cool and comfortable, avoiding the dreaded night sweats.

An alpaca duvet works with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night serving you 365 days of the year no matter what the thermometer read. Because of this our duvets are All Season, meaning you don’t need a Summer/Winter duvet. The best part? With proper care our duvets can last you a lifetime unlike a standard polyester duvet that experts, including The Sleep Council, recommend you replace every 2-5 years for hygiene reasons. But why do our duvets last so much longer? Alpaca wool is incredibly hygienic, the hollow nature of the fibres and the dry environment they create mean dust mites can’t thrive meaning your duvet won’t harbour any nasties and they’re great at naturally wicking away moisture too, but for absolute peace of mind and to protect against accidental spillages, our duvet protectors offer 100% waterproof protection, without compromising the breathability and thermal benefits of your duvet.

Save Money this Winter with an All Season Duvet

Based on just ten years of usage, our King Size alpaca duvet would work out from as little as 5p per night, over 25 years, just 2 pence. So how does that stack up? We’ve compared the cost of our All Season Alpaca Wool Duvet with two bestselling polyester and down options.

King Size Synthetic Soft Touch 3-in-1 Duvet, 13.5 Tog (4.5 + 9 Tog)

For a popular retailer’s ‘All Season’ duvet which consists of two duvets that can be combined to create a thicker duvet for winter, and used separately as lighter weight duvets for spring and summer you can expect to pay £90.00. Based on the recommendation from the The Sleep Council, you would need to buy 5 to cover a period of 25 years, which would work out at £450.00 and even if you hung on to your duvet a little longer than you should, replacing it on average every 7.5 years, which a survey by Ergoflex UK revealed is the truer number of years we all cling on to our bedding for, it would still set you back £300.00.

King Size Duck Feather and Down All Seasons Duo 15 Tog Duvet

Whilst a popular Feather & Down Duo Duvet set costs £95.00, which would add up to £475 over a 25 year period, or £315.00 for the more sentimental amongst you. Whilst Down and Feather duvets begin their lives as incredibly snuggly and ‘downright’ luxurious options to ‘bed down’ in, (ok we’ll stop now..), after not too long the reality becomes a lot less delightful. Duck down and feathers are a primary cause of breathing difficulties and will aggravate respiratory allergies, especially conditions like asthma. Problematically, the issue gets worse as your down duvet starts ageing. The down/feathers begin to deteriorate after a couple of years, leaving a protein dust. Not only do you inhale this dust every night, all night, the dust also attracts dust mites that eat the protein. And then there’s the ethical implications of down and feather products…

The cost of an Alpaca Wool All Season Duvet

Meanwhile our King Size All Season Alpaca Wool Duvet costs just £199.15 and with proper care can last a lifetime, saving you the hassle or worry of needing to replace your bedding, lasting way beyond 25 years. For those of you though who can’t imagine holding on to your bedding for so long, we also offer a unique Fibre Refresh Service where for a fraction of the cost of a new duvet, you can have yours, completely refreshed and returned to you, as good as the day you first bought it.

Our duvets are also completely biodegradable unlike their polyester counterparts which contribute towards the 14million pillows, duvets and mattresses that end up in UK landfill each year. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, including a natural cotton outer, our duvets will never end up in landfill! To summarise, Alpaca Wool Duvets are not only the most thermally efficient bedding option available, they are sustainable, biodegradable, hygienic, hypoallergenic and perhaps most importantly cost efficient. But don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews and hear from those who have tried and tested our duvets for themselves.

And if you need more convincing of the magical properties of Alpaca Wool you can read all about why we work with this natural wonder fibre on our benefits page.

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