Ethical Wood Bedding

Alpaca wool is one of the most ethical products available and is completely eco-friendly throughout its production. No chemicals or dyes are used in the manufacture of our bedding, and the animals themselves are given the best care and nutrition, so as to provide them with long-term health and to help them to maintain a glossy, healthy fleece. Alpacas are not killed for their fur or meat and the animals are not at all harmed come shearing time. Great care is taken so as not to distress the animal or damage the alpaca wool.

Our alpaca wool is collected only once a year, and we’re truly passionate about alpacas and animals. Penrose Products is Vegetarian Society approved on our full bedding range, and no animals are harmed in the making of any of our products. The Vegetarian Society seeding symbol is the only legally registered trademark for vegetarian accreditation. No other vegetarian trademark can give consumers such reassurance and inspire such trust.