Sustainable Natural Bedding

The fibre used in our alpaca and sheeps wool bedding is a natural, renewable material that we source from sustainable farms in Britain and is uniquely hand sewn in our workshop and finished to a high standard. The nature of the sheep and alpaca wool fibre means that only natural waste is generated in the production process. We reuse these left overs in other smaller products and aim to let nothing go to waste. Sheep and alpaca wool fibre is naturally biodegradable and will blend back into the earth within a short space of time. The same cannot be said for synthetic fibres found in other duvets.

Our packaging is also an extension of our sustainable values. We use recycled board in all of our product straps and only print with vegetable ink. As we are strong believers in reusing, recycling and reducing, we produce our packaging as a multipurpose piece of design, and can be reused as a calendar once you have unwrapped your wool bedding. The packaging for our duvets and toppers can be used as a handy laundry bin or a container for dried pet food.

Sustainability is something we highly value throughout our production process and something we even extend to our methods of delivery. All orders placed with Penrose Products arrive to you via Parcel Force delivery, who are highly recognised for their carbon neutral delivery service and uphold the same reduce, re-use, recycle incentive that we also employ. By using a delivery service that balances their emissions through carbon offsetting, we ensure our products are completely carbon neutral.