UK Manufactured

UK Manufactured Natural Bedding

Penrose Products are proud to be a UK based manufacturer of a wide range of alpaca wool products. With many parts of the UK manufacturing industry investing in automation, the number of entry level jobs has decreased and traditional hand crafted methods of manufacturing are becoming a rarity. We pride ourselves on the time we spend investing and developing our workforce, using our inclusive and authentic leadership. We work continuously with our raw materials, using traditional methods and world class manufacturing techniques to produce high quality wool bedding.

This hand-produced process has proven highly successful for Penrose Products and is responsible for our consistent standards of high quality. Our production techniques are vastly more environmentally friendly than other methods that use high-energy machine automation. We contribute to the continuing growth of the UK manufacturing industry and the revival of these declining production methods by manufacturing our alpaca wool bedding ranges in this way.

Our expertise in manufacturing problem solving, supply chain management and our open minded approach to all challenges within product and process development and manufacturing, is what will sustain and grow this business into a UK manufacturer for the future. Find out more about Penrose Products in our about section.