Economical Bedding

The alpaca industry is still in its early stages in the UK, with only an estimated 20,000 animals and 1000 owners in the country. The alpaca is considered the must-have livestock of today and with demand exceeding supply, it is set to soon be an international industry. With an increased pressure on traditional farming, alpaca herds are a feasible alternative. Our alpaca wool products are an ideal choice for those who support this sustainability in the British rural economy.

Our alpaca wool bedding is handmade in Nottinghamshire and made entirely from materials sourced in the UK. We help to support this new formation of rural fibre industries. This strategy also eliminates any air miles generated in the export of alpaca fibre from ranches abroad, making our alpaca wool products an all round eco-friendly venture.

With little impact on the environment, in both production and the keep of the animals, the lasting costs of producing alpaca products are low, and it is a good transition from a working farm into a more relaxed environment. The economic value of the alpaca is more evident in the end product. Alpaca duvets eliminate the need for seasonal bedding, and dramatically decrease the need for sleep aids, reducing the all round cost of a comfortable nights sleep.