Organic Natural Bedding

All our Wooltimate and Penrose wool pillow and wool duvet cotton covers are processed to high organic standards. The materials are produced without harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier environment and encouraging biodiversity. The cotton we use is natural and both renewable and biodegradable. Through our environmentally responsible methods of production, our customers can be assured that our wool bedding products are produced to a globally recognised standard. It is our cotton outer that is used to define organic status, and all fabric used in our wool bedding is purchased with an organic certification certificate.

The cotton fabric used in the production of our alpaca wool mattress topper outers are organically certified. Organics are gradually taking the lead in the textile industry. Consumers are better informed about the impacts of textile production and are becoming increasingly demanding of higher standards. Our organic wool bedding range is a way of addressing this consumer demand and ensures a higher customer confidence in our bedding products.

Penrose Products is also Vegetarian Society approved on the full alpaca bedding product range. No animals are harmed in the making of any of the wool products we produce. The Vegetarian Society seeding symbol is the only legally registered trademark for vegetarian accreditation. No other vegetarian trademark can give consumers such reassurance and inspire such trust.