Luxury Cotton Bed Linens

Penrose Products are proud to announce the launch of our new linen collection, a range of naturally soft bed linens specifically designed and crafted to complement the properties of our alpaca wool pillows, duvets and toppers. The fabrics we chose for our linens were extremely important, and it was critical that they aligned with our core values, providing a high quality product that embraces natural resources, whilst still being affordable and environmentally friendly. All of our linen ranges are made from cotton, a soft, absorbent and breathable natural fibre that is non-allergenic and contains no chemicals. It’s these properties that make our pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets the perfect match for our alpaca wool bedding ranges, all products working together with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature at night.

Luxury Cotton Bed Linen

We currently offer three linen collections (Maine, New England and Portland) each with differing fibre qualities, weights and weaves. Our New England collection is crafted using cotton sateen, a material made with a different weave pattern to traditional cotton, which combines the soft, smooth, luxurious feel of satin with the strength and durability of cotton. Our Maine and Portland collections are crafted from Egyptian cotton percale, a material defined by the simple criss-cross pattern which enables the threads to be woven tightly. Elegant and smooth to the touch, cotton percale will resist pilling and will feel cool and crisp against the skin, which is especially beneficial during warmer weather.

All of our linen ranges are white in colour and are available to fit most bed and pillow sizes (custom sizes are available). For our duvet covers and pillowcases you can also personalise these with stitched borders of any colour, in numbers of either one, two or three lines. In addition to this, all our linen products are available with bespoke monogramming (please contact us for more information about this). Find out more about our new linen collections in our luxury bed linen section and contact us today for custom size options. Together, our bedding and linen will help you get a better night’s sleep.

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