Exciting New Bedding Ranges

After years of investment and development, Penrose Products are proud to launch an exciting new range of bedding products, including new pillows, protectors and mattress toppers. We have timed the launch of these products in conjunction with the opening of our new showroom in Bawtry, alongside our existing showroom in Retford, where customers can tailor their whole bedding experience, and try all of our products side by side in one place. Our new showroom is available to visit by appointment only, and we look forward to welcoming you soon. We’d now like to introduce our new products to you, so please read on for a full round up.

In our mattress topper sections, you’ll now find a brand new range of mattress toppers, including our new box toppers. Inspired by nature and hand crafted by tradition and heritage, our new box toppers have been in development for the last 2 years, and after continuous refinement and testing we’re really proud to bring them to the market. These new toppers are handcrafted using a British, naturally woven herringbone fabric, which is hardwearing yet soft and comfortable. Specifically chosen materials make all of our new toppers naturally fire retardant with no chemicals, giving you complete peace of mind for the perfect night’s sleep. Find out more about each of our new toppers in our mattress topper sections. We promise their comfort and natural properties will transform your sleep!

New Alpaca Wool Mattress Toppers

Finally, we’ll tell you about our new Botanical protectors, which protect our range of natural bedding products to give longevity, without compromising on sleep quality. Creating protectors for our bedding has been a long and rewarding journey; the fabrics we chose were extremely important to our values of providing a high quality product that embraces natural resources, whilst still being affordable and environmentally friendly. This led us in the exciting direction of Tencel, one of the most environmentally friendly, regenerated fabrics, whose fibres are grown sustainably. This unique fabric is made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees, in a world-leading, encapsulated process.

New Botanical Protectors

The Tencel used in our protectors offers a smooth, cotton-like feel, but without compromising on our core objective of providing the best night’s sleep possible. 100% naturally sourced, Tencel naturally absorbs moisture and quickly releases it again, complementing the properties of our pillows, duvets and toppers. The material is also hypoallergenic and anti-allergenic (ideal for sensitive skin), absorbing up to 300% more moisture than traditional cotton. These properties mean that our new protectors offer the highest level of protection, whilst still being 100% breathable to the fibres within.

Another new product we’re now proud to announce is the introduction of a new type of pillow with walled sides. These new walled pillows have been specifically designed for those who do not want a plump pillow, but still want the support and comfort offered by our standard pillow. We developed these pillows on request from one of our overseas partners, and with such good feedback, we’ve decided to offer them to our own customers. Our pillows section has been updated to include these products, as well as new square sizes, which are now available. It’s been a busy start to the year for Penrose, but we’re confident that all of our hard work and craftsmanship will be a big benefit to you, our customer. We’re continually looking at new ways to help people get a better night’s sleep, so please get in touch if you have any ideas or if we can help you in any way. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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