The British Alpaca Society

The British Alpaca Society has been formed to help with the welfare of alpacas and to educate owners throughout the UK. As written in its website, the British Alpaca Society provides information, support and events for alpaca owners, breeders and those interested in alpacas, as well as maintaining the pedigree register for the national herd. Membership is reasonably priced and includes an annual subscription to Alpaca Magazine.

The British Alpaca Society

The British Alpaca Society Pedigree Registry

The British Alpaca Society pedigree registry is a database containing the genealogy and ownership records of alpacas in the UK that are registered with the British Alpaca Society. It started in May 1999 with the UK’s foundation herd. The registry is the largest and most detailed registry of alpacas in Europe and pedigree records go back to 1996, however in some cases breeding records date back further.

The British Alpaca Society board has a policy of ensuring that the highest standards for the registry are met. Alpacas may be registered with the British Alpaca Society and have to pass a screening examination for physical, phenotype and fibre characteristics. All registered alpacas are micro chipped and tagged. Those wishing to buy alpacas can use the British Alpaca Society pedigree registry for their protection in buying good quality stock.

Society Shows and Training

Throughout the year shows are arranged and details can found on the British Alpaca Society website. It is both fun and educational to visit these shows and of course are ideal family days out and keep children amused and interested in animals. A number of courses are operated by the society and will help owners and others learn more about alpacas and how to keep them. Full details of courses are available on their website. If you are interested in alpacas and would like to keep them, then membership of the British Alpaca Society is definitely for you.

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